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Zazzle color chart with hex reference

Posted on December 12, 2016

A great aid for Zazzle design

With the new Zazzle design tool there are some great improvements. But the tool has lost the old layout for selecting colours (colors). So I have created some aids for myself which hopefully any one designing for Zazzle will find useful.

I found the old colours a very good range to select from. As you could quickly get to the basic colour you wanted then fine tune it. So I made these as useful aids. It is also useful as a rough guide to the print colour for any products.  So when you are creating one it gives you some idea of the print output, though this may vary with each product.

When you are using the text colours the new design tool does have this palette but not in the useful order of the old layout where you could judge which colour you wanted. So using the hex codes from this should be helpful especially if you are wanting to match text and background colours.

You can also increase the speed of design by using the hex codes. And if you have old designs with the colours this should help to match them.

I have put them on a few different products and I am selling them for minimal percentages to make them reasonable value for designers.

Checkout the products

Free useful swatches for designers

I have also collated the colours in to useful swatches for Illustrator and Photoshop. The Illustrator version is particularly useful as they could be sorted into a neat and useful order.  So you can select just the colour you need very easily

Useful free swatches just use the links below to download them (you may need to right click on them to save link as to get file to download)

AI zazzle-pallette Illustrator swatch .AI file

PS zazzle-palettes Photoshop swatch .ASE file

Hope you find this useful


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