blue in dispassionate collapse

Abstract digital vector composition through color, geometry and part generative process.

Abstract, geometric, generative, minimal, vector, beautiful, aesthetic, juxtaposition, triangles, brooding structures, moody and dark artwork. BUY IT .

Sounds musical

Artwork using translucent vectors in curving forms of layered bright colours that are composed in rhythms and harmonies perhaps a musical reminiscence.

Abstract digital vector composition through color, geometry and a part generative process.

Dark storm brooding


An artwork available as an art print a dark moody work which ia an abstract digital vector composition through colour, geometry and generative code.

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Order & chaos in my artwork

Through a part chaotic generative process and contrasting elements of order including varied levels of selection in the artworks composition, my art is intended to imply the chaos and order that help describe the nuances of being, and, wonder at our universe.

In part the work reflects the chaos of nature, nuclear physics, of human society and culture. Whilst additionally exploring the seeming randomness of external challenges, that shape our grasp on life, and our internal equilibrium.

On the other part, my work reflects through selective elements of composition, like geometry and hue, the surprising order and structures that also appear in nature and physics. Whilst also connecting with our desire to find order and control of our lives, that is equally part of our human condition.

The different techniques in the creative process are not only perceived in the apparent depth and sometimes visual complexity of the work, they often actually require the different states of mind I find myself shifting and meandering through in everyday life. So my artwork is an attempt to express my confused existential ponderings, on numerous levels.

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