DESIGNER seeking elegance

Posted on August 3, 2013

ABOUT ME as a designer

designer at BOXzero Andrew


As an artist and designer I have worked in digital media for many years but now I am focusing on art and design with a particular joy in creating elegant fine art and designs for my online galleries and shops including my Zazzle creations. I hope to bring the things I have learnt with the openness to learn new things and create positive ideals in every project I am working on.

I have been an interactive designer and consultant for the over sixteen years heavily involved in many aspects of the design and development of digital media. Including interactive design, UX design, online content creation, info-graphics, illustration, Flash ads, static and motion graphics.

Through a broad background of quality roles where clients have included numerous blue chip and major corporations, I have gained many insights from design projects that have brought me to believe the most effective way to meet the goals for both business and users is to take a user experience in fact a human experience approach to designing digital tools and  exploring the cognitive experience we have in many ways in our lives. I have a genuine belief that the intuitive nature of how we design things is important because everything cannot be measured.

As a designer, consultant and digital artist I have both the creative and analytical skills to create cost effective design solutions and an open approach to help make a significant contribution to any project.